1 Tips How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

1 Tips How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

Acama.Asia – 1 Tips How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It, How to Overcome Applications in Xiaomi Kind itself Most Powerful – For those of you Xiaomi users who first use a Million Million Smartphones of these people, certainly occasionally feel confused when the social media applications you install like BBM, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook and others Notifikas does not appear at all. What you know, the only way to order from various applications can come out by opening it first. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

Actually it was all the reasonable thing experienced by many people when they just recognized the MIUI-based Android operating system. The popular custom ROM currently touches its ninth version has a fairly aggressive RAM management feature. Usually when the application you just used was removed from Recent Apps, then the entire service running in the background generally stopped so that the application was actually terminate to the root. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

1 Tips How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

Compared to Android Pure Stock, MIUI offers a lot of features that can be directly enjoyed by users without having to bother installing various kinds of tweaks and mods from various sources on the Internet. Miui feature meant like Themes support that provides thousands of free themes Ready to download, Support Support Security that can monitor all aspects on your Android smartphone for more protection, various menus such as Clone Apps, App Lock, Second Space, Lite Fashion, Smart Battery Savers that can be utilized by users to support their daily activities and so on.

The only weakness of MIUI compared to pure Android stock, MIUI is more wasteful of RAM (considering the many features available and the user interface which was overhauled in total from the original). MUII’s performance is also arguably more slow compared to Android stock. However, it doesn’t mean custom OS MIUI is ugly. I personally prefer MIUI than brand-made roms or other developers because of the advantages that I mentioned above. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

For those of you who are currently looking for ways to prevent the application in Xiaomi close yourself, follow the trick below. Not unlocked Xiaomi bootloader? Read the latest xiaomi bootloader unlock tutorial complete complete with pictures How to deal with the application in xiaomi cover itself is the most effective The first way you can do so that the application in Xiaomi doesn’t close itself is locking the application through Recent Apps Actually in this way you can prevent the system close the Xiaomi application automatically. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

Step by step, open the application you want to lock so that it’s not in Kill by the system. For example, you open the WhatsApp application, after which run the Recent Apps menu through the Recent Apps button on your Xiaomi. There, you will see the WhatsApp application that you just opened. To lock it, slide the application down until the key icon appears on it. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

The second way to prevent Xiaomi application cover itself so that the application notification can still appear, namely by turning off the MIUI Optimization This second step is proven effective for some users. I personally apply these tips but I also still use the first method above. For me, let all RAM ined by a variety of applications running. After all, for what it has abundant RAM capacity if it is not optimally utilized.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with the Android performance itself, for me it’s okay. Steps you need to do, activate the Developer Options menu by pressing as much as seven times the MIUI version on the About Phone menu in the Settings application. After that open the Developer Options menu in the Additional Settings menu of the Settings application main page. Look for the Turn on MIUI Optimization menu then turn off the menu.

That is the tutorial on how to prevent applications in Xiaomi closing itself which results in the loss of notifications from the running Android application. The above tutorial applies to all Xiaomi smartphones that use MIUI as the operating system.Fill in the comment column below if there is something that is not clear. Don’t forget to request any Android tutorial if you need it. How To Deal With Xiaomi Cover It

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