1 Tips How to Enable LED Notifications Without ROOT

Acaman.Asia – 1 Tips How to Enable LED Notifications Without ROOT How to Enable LED Notification Moto G5S Plus Without ROOT – Buat ye faithful user of Motorola Moto G5S Plus certainly never felt a dilemma because smartphone rival the weight of the Xiaomi Mi A1 is by default ‘does not have a LED notification’ in the sense of users can’t enjoy mandatory feature of Android smartphones that can give you cues when there is a new notification entry into your cell phone’s. Instead, Motorola provides other features such as Moto Display function is also the same, the displays the latest notification of the message or incoming call. Enable LED Notifications

Although the Moto Display can work like a signal giver notifications in general, one of the features that have become the hallmark of Motorola is not much like it either because of the need to lift the smartphone in advance so that the Moto Display his look or the less convenient because the Moto Display can not give cues in real-time right notification LED always blinking all the time.

Actually, out there there are a lot of tutorials that discuss how to turn on the LED notification on the smartphone but the average tutorial that requires root privileges, which not all people want to do it for the sake of protecting official warranty that has not been forfeited or so that still get OTA updates officially from Motorola. Enable LED Notifications

1 Tips How to Enable LED Notifications Without ROOT

In terms of software, Motorola intentionally shut off feature LED notification on your Moto G5S Plus. Instead, users are given the Moto Display that functions almost the same. However, if viewed in terms of hardware, is actually the Moto G5S Plus is supported by LED this notification.

It is located right next to the left of the front camera and blends with the body. To demo the more information you can see in Although it seems impossible to enable LED notifications without root privileges, special users of the Moto G5S Plus is still looking for how to enable LED notification on your smartphone three millions, there is one option that you can try.

Turn on the LED Notification Moto G5S Plus Without ROOT By using the App FrontFlash Notification
To get around so the Sanders this could have LED notification like Android smartphones in general, we can use the application FrontFlash Notification artificial developers The way the app works as a modifier flash light front into a notification LED which will blink when there are new notifications inbox in Android mu. Enable LED Notifications

I personally have tested the app size is not more than 3MB after install. The result is very satisfying. Now I’ve not been using Moto Display again thanks to the features of a given application. When there are notifications, lamp LED flash, the front will flash a fraction of a second, not blinding or distracting environment. Enable LED Notifications

Not only change the flash lamp of the front into the notification course, the following various features of the application FrontFlash Notification that you can enjoy for free. Can be run without ROOT privileges Clean of ads Dark theme Very battery saving (less than 1% in a period of 24 hours). Enable LED Notifications

Memory consumption and CPU are already optimized Integrated with the feature “Do not disturb” congenital Android Can stop automatically when battery capacity is low Available menu to set the exception of specific applications Available menu to set the exception of incoming calls, missed call or SMS Available options gesture to turn off the notification LED flash Available menu to set the duration and the frequency of the blinking / flicker LED flash Can be set to blink once or twice in one time. Enable LED Notifications

Pocket mode (Uses proximity sensor to check whether the phone is placed in a bag or pocket. If yes, then the notification LED flash will not fire) And many more other features that have not been mentioned or is still in the development stage Currently the latest version of the app FrontFlash Notification is v1.9 (updated on January 30, 2018). The application is still downloaded about five hundreds of people just because it’s FrontFlash Notification is still relatively new and not many people know. Enable LED Notifications

For you who are interested to try out the application, read the short tutorial below to use the application modifier LED flash into a notification LED this latest. How to Use FrontFlash Notification To Change the LED Flash Moto G5S Plus is a LED Notification The first thing that must be done so that the Moto G5S Plus’t have LED notification anymore namely download FrontFlash Notification then turn on the permission notification access, after that it was only FrontFlash Notification can be run as it should be Download FrontFlash Notification APK here and then install As an alternative, you can download FrontFlash Notification directly from the Google Play Store

Open the app FrontFlash Notification
On the first time you open it, you will be redirected to the page of the notification access. Just enable FrontFlash Notification service in the menu and then press the back button Activate the top menu of the app (it Says “Service is running but not enabled”) After the status changes to “Service enabled”, now we are set according to individual taste
As an example can see mine below

Thus a short tutorial how to enable LED notification Moto G5S Plus non-activated intentionally by the Motorola without the need to ROOT or things are at risk of another by means of a third-party application as an alternative that can be implemented easily and quickly.

By using the application FrontFlash Notification, you do not need to monitor if there are any messages or calls that came in to the smartphone of your it. Enable LED Notifications Fill in the comments below if there are things that are not yet clear. Hopefully useful. One more, special for you users of the Moto G5S Plus is a.k.a Sanders, read the article Download Google Camera For G5S Plus Support HDR+ Latest so that the quality of camera shots to your smartphone drastically increased!

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