1 Tips How To Fix Xiaomi SIM Card Not Detected

Acama.Asia – 1 Tips How To Fix Xiaomi SIM Card Not Detected How to Fix the Latest Detected Xiaomi SIM Card – The case of the SIM Card is not read on the Xiaomi smartphone by marked a warning / cross indicator in the status bar it seems quite often experienced by many users. I myself have encountered this problem several times and fortunately in an instant SIM Card that I can overcome it without the need to bother going to the service workers. SIM Card Not Detected

In general, the latest Xiaomi smartphone uses a hybrid slot model that can be filled with two choices, one SIM card + Micro SD card or dual-SIM card without Micro SD card memory. If you want to use all three – there are still options using additional adapters that are commonly sold at the smartphone accessories shop or via online with varied prices. SIM Card Not Detected

1 Tips How To Fix Xiaomi SIM Card Not Detected

The use of Hybrid Slots aims to make it easier for users to replace the SIM card and Micro SD card memory without unpacking the battery as it is on ancient mobile phone. The average latest Xiaomi mobile phone has a unibody design with a planting battery that might be a little difficult to remove. The goal is certainly to make the smartphone look more slim, concise and neat. SIM Card Not Detected

The Android Xiaomi smartphone sim card is not detected usually occurs only occasionally and the possibility of being damaged by hardware factors is actually very small. If in terms of hardware it is indeed a factory defect, these signs can be confirmed since the first time the user uses this phone. SIM Card Not Detected

One of the most readable causes of the unreadable SIM card is due to the smartphone having a collision whether it falls from the table or is intentionally thrown into a soft pillow and the like. It was natural because it was allegedly the SIM Card slot faltered and resulted in a connector to a disposal to seconds that the SIM Card slot with the motherboard did not connect / disconnect then the system received the signal that the SIM card was not exists and then forwarded to the user. SIM Card Not Detected

Other cases that make Xiaomi SIM cards or other Android smartphones are not detected, namely OS issues, in this case the user might do the wrong flashing ROM so that the hardware and OS do not match and cause an unreadable SIM card error. More specifically, generally non-HLOS modems that are not in accordance with the type of smartphone (including corrupt / damaged / not in accordance with the installed OS) can result in the loss of IMEI and also the smartphone signal itself. SIM Card Not Detected

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Tutorial on how to repair any xiaomi and android sim cards that are not detected or unreadable
Here are some ways to check whether your Android smartphone is broken the SIM card slot or just an error ROM only. By identifying the problem of the SIM Card is unreadable, you will be able to easily find a solution to fix it.

Restart your cellphone and check the position of the SIM card

One simple way to repair the Xiaomi SIM card that does not appear is by restarting the smartphone. Like the case I explained earlier that the android phone bumped or accidentally fell could make the SIM card slot falter and resulted in disconnecting. Sometimes it also reinsens the SIM Card in a smartphone condition on making the SIM card not work. SIM Card Not Detected

Therefore, before doing an action that is at risk, there is no mistake you check your Xiaomi SIM card whether the position is straight, then put it back to the slot that has been provided and turn on your cellphone. Many people who experience this case managed to bring up the sim card again just by restarting the Android phone and then reset the position of the SIM card. SIM Card Not Detected

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Check the availability of SIM cards

Even though you are sure that you have installed the SIM card correctly but still does not appear signal, try checking the availability of the SIM card from your Xiaomi cellphone. The trick, open the Settings application then select SIM Cards & Mobile Networks. Pay attention to the picture below. SIM Card Not Detected

From the picture above it can be seen that there are two SIM cards installed on the smartphone. If you don’t see a single list of SIM cards that you install on your Xiaomi smartphone from the SIM Cards & Mobile Networks menu, go to the following steps. SIM Card Not Detected

Check IMEI

IMEI is a unique code that a cellphone has. This unique code is generally always different between A cellphones with cellphones B. Although if noticed just like random rows that are of no use, IMEI contains a lot of information that can be used providers such as mobile type information, date of manufacture, location, and others.

The loss of IMEI on an Android smartphone will make the phone Lost Signal. Reason

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