10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia

Acama.Asia – 10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia ,10 Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia – Not realized during this time the presence of the internet has opened various opportunities profitable businesses and allow people to work or open a business online at home or elsewhere. Online business business opportunities home more widely, it becomes the perfect side job a number of people. Even with online business income to be many times more profitable than offline business.

Online business is not just selling online course, the development of technology, more and more variations of business done online, or can be called manipulation online. Online change the name of the business to be more flexible and spacious. As now a lot of people can make money online just by writing, without having to sell online.

But you know what online business is most in demand by the people of Indonesia? Here are 12 business online terlaris di Indonesia.

10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia

  1. Open An Online Store
    Open an online Store is indeed a favourite number one of the instigators of the business online. Because the trend of spending online in Indonesia from year to year is always increasing, also the value of e-Commerce transactions each year increased significantly up to 200% annually. Shop online can be as a home-based business or a side job, depending on our free time. The prospect of online business by opening an online shop is very nice as long as we can sell something that is typical, the goods of good quality, and timely delivery as promised. Lastly, don’t hesitate received a complaint from the buyer.
  2. Dropshiper
    Business as dropshiper or reseller is the right choice if we minimal business capital, as dropshiper we are not required to purchase goods you sell. We simply displaying the images of the merchandise supplier of the goods we at the online shop or open a store at the marketplace site as large as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee atau Kaskus. The task dropshiper just promote or sell barnag from the supplier, and get profit from the transaction.
  3. Publisher Advertisement
    Become a publisher of advertising that means we put ads from advertisers on our Website, for example advertisers time Google Adsense, TeadsTV, Adspruce, and much more. Earnings publisher digital advertising is very promising if the content of the website or our blog is very interesting and has a lot of visitors. As more and more visitors, the automatic advertising opportunities posted or clicked greater. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”
  4. Affiliate Program
    In addition to being a publisher of digital advertising , the owners of the website or blog can join the affiliate program from the web /large website, eBay, Amazon, etc. They usually offer an Affiliate program with income per click (PPC). The difference with the dropshiping we only promote the goods belonging to the supplier not to sell, being the affiliate program the owner of the website / blog is only to promote/recommend the goods, if the blog visitors decide to buy we can sale bonus.

More and more companies are advertising a reward PPC, select that has the reputation of a good payment, to know it can googling. The company digital advertising is mostly from abroad, the currency of their payment is US Dollars, you should prepare the accounts of the container virtual such as Paypal, Skrill, clear find the pieces of his small current draw of funds. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia

  1. Selling Digital Products
    When we scour the internet for sure find a variety of tips related to everyday life, ordinary-shaped ebooks, videos. For example the tip of a healthy diet, tip parenting, tips, selling online, etc. This is called selling information products. There can also sell your skills / abilities, for example your expert article writing, graphic design, programming computer skills you can sell online and can make money promising. Don’t have to sell on the web / blogs we own, now there’s a marketplace for information products like, Roll out, Jualio, Clickbank,, Gumroad.

When you can write your own book out of print will be better, a novel, the book apply the promotion of their sales through social media, successful and reap the income from selling books. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”

  1. Blogging
    Become a blogger in the era of the internet this can generate money. Skills to write in situ blog into the main capital, share writings with exciting themes and publish online in your blog. Blog with interesting themes will invite many visitors, the theme of which is now being loved is a blog – the blog of culinary delights, fashion, gossip celebrity became a favorite of readers. The level of visits to the blog (traffic) promising the money comes from advertisers or from the affiliate program and Google adsense.

For example Raditya Dika, a professional blogger, leveraging blogs to sell a book of his own composition, now Dika success and explore the field of other in movies and TV. Become a blogger don’t have to go office, could be done as a side job that promise. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”

  1. Services Graphic Design Online
    The services of this many needed on the internet, and promising a good income, a number of our website to facilitate the freelancers in the field of design, web, such as marketplace that brings users design services with the service provider. As long as we diligently monitor the auction – the auction work design and is able to maintain the quality, order will continue to flow and get the money promised.

Job seekers graphic design this could take the order from anywhere around the world, as long as there is an agreement of price and time, in quality are met, a provider of design services will be paid via transfer rek paypal or a virtual account to another. A lot of young children in Indonesia are utilizing these sites to search for extra pocket money. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”

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The following marketplace that provides design services : Sribu logo design Indonesia, 99designs logo design (etc.) international, Fiverr – various light works, including graphic design from $5.

  1. Online Betting
    Online betting is the activity of risking something good is at stake it is goods or money that is used as a tool to guess, choose, estimate results in a game, and for those who managed to win the game, managed to guess the outcome of a game, managed to beat the opponent by how to bet on the internet. Examples such as game Betting Top10.
  2. Become a virtual assistant
    Virtual assistant itself is a term that is still widespread, the work of a virtual assistant can include or one of: the Author, graphic Design, Research, Editing, Copywriting, Management, social media, Translation, Programming, data Input, etc. So a virtual assistant is responsible for providing support to an institution, or an individual for a project, for example a research project, the writing of books, cataloging, etc. A Virtual Assistant should have a specialist in a particular field, for example the design,or the author, but also a generalist, understand other skills such as basic programming, data input,SEO. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”
  3. Trading
    Trading is basically the process of buying and selling goods the main commodities gradually and continuously in a short period of time and the results are great. It is different from investing. In the activity of investing, a prolonged period of time is emphasized. The trader Indonesia or often called the speculator should be very understanding about trading strategies and basic things of Indonesia. In addition, when determining a trading strategy Indonesia, the Indonesian traders should understand the impact of the strategy is to minimize the worst effects of bankruptcy. “10 Tips Online Business is Most popular in Indonesia”

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