2 Tips the Difference in Video quality SD and HD

Acama.Asia – The difference in Video quality SD and HD ,Acama.Asia is Now the video is one of the results of the technology, the video is a series of multiple frames of images that move quickly. Video function as digital storage, the medium of communication and there are still many one of the benefits of video as a medium of entertainment be it movies or games.

There are two types of video if distinguished from the recording signal of magnetic, that is analog video and digital video dist, there are also differences that can be diihat of file formats of the storage, such as Avi. Mov or MPEG. And video to own some of the quality levels refer to the resolution, the sharpness of the colors, pixels and other aspects.

Currently there are several of video quality like SD, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD and 4K Video, many May ask what iyu SD and HD? The difference HD and Bluray? The difference in video quality SD and HD? Well in this article I will discuss the difference between the quality of SD videos and HD first. And the other God willing, I will elaborate in the next post.

2 Tips The difference in Video quality SD and HD

Here I explained the difference in video quality SD and HD, let’s see it below:

  1. Video SD (Standard Definition)
    Standard Definiton Videos is the order of the rows of the quality of the recording videos. SD Video quality 480p, of this type of video can be recorded by the average of the camera. Of this type of Video can be played on a monitor with a resolution of 720 x 480 x 30 fps (Frames per Second), the resolution of which is rarely found at this time. Monitor or TV that can display the quality of this so-called SDTV.

Result of image resolution that could be considered small, the video who appear to have the sharpness of the color. Therefore his video with SD quality has a file size lighter than vide with a quality in it.

  1. HD Video (High Definition)
    High Definition Video or commonly called the HD Video is higher video quality one level compared to SD Video. HD video has the quality of the image above 480p or 720p. The type of this video can be played on a monitor with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels x 30 fps (Frames per Second). Currently the generality of the person using the monitor or TV with HD resolution.

As for the monitor or TV can display HD Video called HDTV. HD quality video also has a larger file size compared to SD video because of the higher resolution and the frame is good.”2 The difference in Video quality SD and HD”

Please also note monitor with a higher resolution than the type of the video will still be able to play these videos. However can not be displayed with the impressions of the full screen. If displayed with full screen then the displayed image will be broken.

The conclusion of the article above about the Difference in Video Quality SD and HD, that is the video with quality HD better than video quality SD, for HD offers resolution that fit and sharpness of colors are great. It’s also uncommon for people to save videos in SD quality, the generality choose HD or higher, such as Full HD, Ultra HD or 4K Videos.

I will discuss the quality of the other video like bluray, Full HD, UHD or 4K Video on the next post, hopefully this post “the Difference in Video Quality SD and HD” beneficial for pal.

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