5 Tips How to Care for your Nails Naturally

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For the fair sex, the nail is the part of the body that must be obtained care of properly. It is true not all women can pay attention to the care of the body on this one, but unfortunately if you don’t care nail can cause serious illness, for example it can cause an infection in the part of the nail to get the digestive problems caused by a nail which is not clean and contains a lot of germs. “How to Care for your Nails Naturally”

Have nails that gorgeous, beautiful shiny and clean can make women confident with his appearance. Actually taking care of the nails you can do at home with kitchen ingredients available. To get the nails are beautiful and you do not have to go to the salon and throw money in excess to manicure or pedicure nails.

With the use of natural nail care, you can generate the results for the maximum and don’t get side effects. The article below will explain how to take care of nails at home. “How to Care for your Nails Naturally”

5 Tips How to Care for your Nails Naturally

  1. Clean the Nails and Trim the Nail

How to care for nails is the easiest to clean the nails and cut nails regularly at least 1 time in a week that your nails are always clean. By cutting the nails regularly and routinely can prevent amda of disease and germs. You can also clean nails with soap and water or cleansing remedy nails.

  1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil in addition to moisturize the skin can be used as a tool to keep your nails to be clean and fragrant. It’s easy once, provided the olive oil and warm after that you can apply the oil to the surface of your nails and wait for approximately 20 minutes. Olive oil can make your nails smooth and beautiful instantly. “How to Care for your Nails Naturally”

  1. With Salt In addition to being used for kitchen herbs salt you can use to care for the nails. It’s easy once provided a container of medium size and warm water as well as salt 2 tablespoons. After that you can mix the salt into the warm water and mix well. Soak your hands in salt water and let stand 10 minutes. Soaking the nails use a solution of salt can clean germs germs that stick on the sidelines of your nails and make your nails shiny. If you are finished you can sand the nails use a tool intersected nail Polish so your nails look more beautiful glossy finish.
  2. Starfruit Starfruit has a flavour of this acid can be utilized to take care of your nails. It’s easy once to scrape off blimbing wuluh on the surface of your nails. The acid content in blimbing wuluh can clean your nails and make it look shiny and luminous.
  3. Garlic Garlic is well known as a spice in the kitchen can be used to clean your nails and make it look shiny. In addition, garlic can also strengthen your nails to be more strong and not easy to broken. It’s easy once to scrape off the garlic to the surface of your nails then rub – rub slowly. If you’re done you can clean it using warm water. If you want maximum results then I suggest to wear this way at least 3 kal in a week. You can see the changes in your nails in a period of 1 – 3 months to look brighter. Thus article titled 5 caramerawat nails naturally, hopefully this article can provide benefits for you. Thank you for reading.

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