5 Tips the Famous Game Before Mobile Legends – 5 Tips the “Famous Game Before Mobile Legends“, 5 the Famous Game Before Mobile Legends | Hello mate, back again with the admin always update posting terbaru. On this occasion, the admin will discuss about 5 games before Mobile Legends. Sure buddy is no stranger to Mobile Legends, even almost all people played this game.

What is the nih game that often mate play now? Surely the answer is ‘Mobile Legends’! The Game present this one emang bikin addictive (addictive) so, even at this time success was played by almost all people.

Before the game ‘Mobile Legends’ boom, it turns out there are a number of games that have ever been viral in the world. Any Game that first famous before ‘Mobile Legends’? Check out the article here, yes!

5 Tips the Famous Game Before Mobile Legends

  1. Pokemon Go

The first Game is ‘Pokemon Go’. The Game that was quite a scene when his debut this began to be abandoned its users slowly, the registered user is active now for only about 5 million people. Losses are drastically because originally used by about 50 million users. Well, what are the causes of this game is abandoned, yes? “Famous Game Before Mobile Legends”

  1. Clash of Clans

Next is ‘Clash of Clans’. The Game that carries the theme of war antarklan or this army had a scene in 2016, played with how to devise a strategy to knock the fortifications of the enemy. However, the ‘Clash of Clans’ now began to droop and left fans since the presence of a ‘Mobile Legends’. “Famous Game Before Mobile Legends”

  1. Clash Royale

Hoping to follow the success of ‘Clash of Clans’ developer Supercell presents a new game titled ‘Clash Royale’. Unfortunately, their expectations must be buried because of this game suffer the same fate as ‘Pokemon Go’ was in the early days of its release only. Reportedly, this failure is because of the ‘Clash Royale’ has a groove boring and less challenging so that left his fans. “Famous Game Before Mobile Legends”

  1. Angry Birds

Who doesn’t know ‘Angry Birds’? Game this one is never been phenomenal, tells the angry birds trying to beat a bunch of egg stealing pigs through the how to play is easy. In the jaya, the game was made by Rovio is never used by more than 1 million smartphone users around the world, now began to be abandoned because there are many games that are much more exciting and interesting!

  1. Flappy Bird

The last Game is a ‘Flappy Bird’. The same is the case with the ‘Angry Bird’, this game with the theme of birds but it is very difficult to be played. Although it is very viral in the beginning of its release, but ‘Flappy Bird’ did not last long. The Game was abandoned with its users because it has a way of working super complicated.

That’s 5 games famous before Mobile Legends. Than 5 games above, which game you play first? Write your answer in the comment column yes man.

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