7 Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Acama.Asia – 7 Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally, Hallo Everyone back again with the admin always updates the posting of the latest every day. 7 How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally | On this occasion, the admin will share a trick/how to remove stretch naturally. Stretch mark is a common thing among women especially for women who are pregnant or after giving birth. Stretch marks are not only common in women but stretch marks can affect men.

What are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are scars are red or white in length ranging from millimeters to tens of centimeters, which propagates in the skin. Stretch marks usually occur when your skin is stretched in excess. But stretch marks are usually also occur due to the consumption of drugs with stroid high, lack of nutrients and the conditions where the patient is overweight then skinny in a relatively short time. Well then how to remove stretch marks? It’s easy you just need to read the tips below.

7 Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

  1. Use The Ointment

You can use the remedies stretch mark removal which is currently easy to you find the nearest pharmacy or supermarket. But to be safe you can go to the doctor first and ask for advice what kind of drugs that are suitable for your skin.

  1. Laser

Stetch marks can be lost in a matter of seconds using the laser method. Indeed the very instant and fast but you have to be willing to spend it in. However using the method of laser also can’t guarantee if stretch marks you don’t really lost because if you dismiss the treatment laser is then used stretch marks can re-emerge to the surface.

  1. Lotion

You can also use the lotion to remove stretch marks, if you use lotion regularly then the stretch marks you will hilanh slowly. Even this lotion can plumping the skin amda and encourage the improvement of the skin by means of meregenerasinya gradually.

  1. Retinoic Acid Cream

Retinoic acid or commonly called retin – A is very effective to remove stretch marks you have. Because retin – A can increase the production of collagen in the skin and slowly stretch marks can fade.

  1. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E since time immemorial is already believed to relieve skin disorders lightweight for efektig. If you use vitamin E oil with regular then the result you can see periodically.

  1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is powerful it can remove stretch marks naturally for castor oil has high vitamin E content and is able to regenerate the skin as well. To use castor oil easy way, namely via applying castor oil on the skin stretch marks you every 2 times in a day when going to sleep or waking up in the morning

  1. Use Olive Oil

The content in olive oil can help lighten stretch marks and to maintain the levels of water and moisture your skin. Even olive oil contains a substance linoleic acid and also contains polyphenols that can help regenerate the skin from the damage that has already occurred. It’s easy once by mixing 1 tbsp olive oil and the isdt honey then can you apply on the stretch marks you.

Thus the article about 7 ways to remove stretch marks naturally I wrote this, I hope you can understand about how to remove stretch marks and what methods are used to remove stretch marks.

Thank you for reading my article, don’t forget to comment if you liked this article. Hopefully useful.

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