Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

Acama.Asia – Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones ,The Kidney has a very important role in filtering and removing waste or components that are no longer needed from the body. Every day, the Kidneys can filter more than 200 litres of blood and 2 liters of waste products, which will then be out of the body in the form of urine.

However please be aware, certain foods in a portion of the excess or frequency that is too often can lead to kidney stones, which can later be lowered kidney function. What is it Kidney Stones, causes and How to solve it? Read More here: the Cause of Kidney Stones, Symptoms and How to Treat it. “Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

As reported by Here are some foods that can cause Kidney Stone disease that you must know

  1. Caffeine

Consumption of excessive caffeine and too often can drive on the development of kidney stones due to high calcium levels in the urine. It can also trigger kidney failure because there is a stimulant that can make the organs of fatigue. Caffeine itself can be found in coffee, tea, and soda.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

A study shows that a non-calorie sweetener can impair kidney function, if consumed in the long term. So, it is best to choose a natural sweetener such as honey or consumption of natural sugar that is produced from the fruits. Avoid sugary drinks sold in a stall or shop.

  1. Meat

Animal Protein can encourage the formation of kidney stones and also damage the kidneys. Consumption of food high in protein can put pressure on the kidneys as waste protein is difficult to be disposed of. Please be aware that the meat is also high in uric acid, a common cause of kidney stones. “Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones
  1. Sardines

If you are prone to kidney stones, you should limit your intake of high-purine (organic compounds that can enhance the aroma). And because sardines are high in purines, you should limit your consumption of sardines.

  1. Carbonated beverages and Milk
Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

Carbonated beverages (soda, energy drinks, and bottled beverages) will increase the risk of formation of kidney stones and even cause abnormalities in the Kidneys. Carbonated drinks often we get in the stalls and supermarkets.

In addition lead to the formation of kidney stones, carbonated drinks can also trigger a rise in blood sugar levels or Diabetes, As a replacement you could try fruit-fresh fruit that has a Sugar and carbonated water organic or natural.

Dairy products packaging available in the market usually have a high content of calcium, where the function to the growth and strengthening of bones and Teeth. but different For those who have Kidney Stones. Calcium can aggravate Kidney Stones, even of calcium can increase the excretion of calcium in the urine, so that the waste is more difficult to be discarded so as to encourage the formation of kidney stones. “Tips !!! 5 Foods Cause Kidney Stones

That’s 5 Foods that can trigger the occurrence of kidney stone formation, therefore try to avoid to five food in the top, and try to switch to organic food that is healthy and healthy such as Vegetables and Fruits.

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Well, that’s the article about 5 Foods that Cause Kidney Stones, hopefully this article can be useful and my friend can be more careful in choosing foods .

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