Tips How to Unlimited Free Internet Mobile GSM 4G

acama.asia Tips How to Unlimited Free Internet Mobile GSM 4G, Smartfren is one of the mobile operators that always scroll the cellular industry by presenting the device by bundling services. Carrying the name Andromax, the device Smartfren always managed to take care of the user among the middle to lower with the price of the device is relatively affordable.

Take a class in the segment of entry in Indonesia, the company that became part of the Sinarmas this some time ago to create a device feature phone Andromax Prime to encourage the transition of society from technology 2G to 4G network.

Bring support messaging app WhatsApp in it, the device is priced at a price of Rp 199.000 without unlimited internet has specifications that are reliable enough for the class feature phone.

This device has been equipped with a Dual-Core processor, 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM, 2000mAh, as well as support selfie camera and back camera. And don’t forget, support 4G LTE connectivity in it.

Simultaneously with the presence of Andromax Prime, Smartfren also equip this device with a special package called package Satisfied.

What’s the Package of Satisfied Smartfren untuk Andromax Prime?
As the tandem presence Andromax Prime to the Indonesian market, satisfied package is a package specifically for that device. This package option offers an ease for the user Andromax Prime, where users only need to fill out a pulse and will automatically be placed in this package. “Free Internet Mobile”

Bring the advantages of WhatsApp and 4G LTE Connection on your device, the package content to Andromax Prime offers free access to both. The user can access the Internet in 4G networks and messaging app WhatsApp through the device Andromax Prime without borders in a specific time.

In addition, users will also be given a voice call unlimited to other games and a few minutes to other operators, as well as the quota of the SMS with a certain amount depending on the package selected. “Free Internet Mobile”

Select package satisfied is automatically active when a user Andromax Prime to do іѕі reset pulse is worth the price of the package to be selected. So that users do not need to bother to activate it like most of the other packages.

By using the mobile phone Andromax Prime, Smartfren hope that the lay public can access the 4G network with more ease. Interested to try it? “Free Internet Mobile”

Tips How to Unlimited Free Internet Mobile GSM 4G

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