Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android

Acama.Asia – Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android ,Ideally one WhatsApp account can only be opened on one device only, but that doesn’t mean we can’t open one WhatsApp account on two Android phone different.

To be able to access the one WhatsApp account on two smartphones are different can be done in two ways: first using the features of whatsapp web which can be accessed in the browser and the second using android app that can be installed in hp a second.

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Okay for those who are curious how to open one whatsapp account on two HP Android, check out the how to details below: But before heading to the tutorial there are some shortcomings when we open one will whatsapp on two HP Android.

Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android

The second device should be installed WhatsApp application and connect to the internet network.
If using additional applications such as the second way then it is likely the app still has bugs so could not be used at all brand or type hp.
On the device the second we can’t make Snap Whatsapp or Whatsapp story, but can see the whatsapp story of others.

Open One WhatsApp Account On Two HP Android
As I mentioned earlier, there are two ways to open one whatsapp account in two mobile phone or device, such as the following. “Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android”

  1. The First Way Via WhatsApp Web
    Perhaps this is one of the tricks of whatsapp which previously I’ve discussed but there is no harm if I wrote back, for those who do not know the steps are as follows:

On hp second, open Google Chrome and tap the menu in the top right corner and then select Change Desktop Site. After that visit the page and wait until appear the QR Code. Buddy can also membukanay in a Desktop browser.

Then open the WhatsApp application and select the menu that is in the corner top right select WhatsApp Web then navigate to the hp the first to scan the QR code that appears. Wait until connected characterized by the appearance of the WhatsApp account buddy on hp second “Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android”

Along with visiting the page, buddy can also download the app WhatsappWeb for Windows or MacOS. This way will be more effective because it does not need to visit the bulak behind the site whatsappweb. “Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android”

  1. Use The App Whatsapp Web
    The second way to open one WhatsApp account on two different HP is to install Multi app Chat Whatsapp on HP second, the principle is the same percis with the first way but the difference is we have to install additional applications, more details follow the steps below:

First Install the application Multi Chat Whatsapp can be found in Google Play Store. Install this application on the HP a second. Then open up pops a QR code. Open the Whatsapp app key you then select the menu WhatsApp Web then scan the code by pointing the rear camera on hp first. “Tips Open 1 Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android”

Well if it works then on HP second will be login your account to whatsapp us, percis with what happened on the first way earlier. During the second phone is connected to the internet then your whatsapp account will remain connected to the alias of the whatsapp Account on HP second will remain open.

But dude should remain careful with the way such as this can be a gap dihacknya whatsapp account by others.By karenya should frequently check the status of Whatsapp Web. If you are not menggunaknnya but Whatsapp web, then you can choose to directly get it out.

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To exit please choose your menu WhatsApp Web then tap “sign Out of all computers” thus the man can no longer know or read the chat that we send or receive.

Until this moment the WhatsApp in general only enabling one number or the account used for the Smartphone. And allows to open your whatsapp account on another device with the features WhatsappWeb. So there has been no official features of WhatsApp that allows users to open a whatsapp account on two or more devices.

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Thus the article about tips trick WhatsApp with the Title How to Open One Whatsapp Account on Two HP Android, hopefully after reading this article buddy so know and understand how to Open One Whatsapp Account pad Two HP Android.

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